Sunday, June 03, 2007


Hi! Asian Soybean Rust site.

If you were a scientist and knew all about the botanical nature of kudzu, the problems it presents, and the poisons it needs, would you know that there are 180,000 sites for kudzu recipes? Nope!

If you were an agronomist, and knew deforestation from kudzu is a major problem, would you know about the effects of the poisons on people eating kudzu when the ground had been poisoned the year before?

If you were a scientist, and knew about Asian Soybean Rust coming in 2005 with Hurricane Ivan, would you have any clue about the effects of ingested fungus, or the fungus infesting large amounts of plant surrounding public libraries, post offices, and homes? The spores can't be good for people with emphysemia or asthma, can it? I mean, there is a lot of kudzu out there in the south!

The connection will come when people who poison kudzu put warning notices just like yards get when there is a toxin that could hurt someone--but it won't be for three days, since most poisons ingested take a little longer for their half life.

The connection will come when people are educated that after they go to the food pantry for their mac and cheese, they can get kudzu and have something fresh, organic, and full of more nutrition than the mac and cheese, and it isn't charity.

The connection will come when people realize that patients coming in with asthma and emphysemia possibly exacerbated by fungus spores on 5 acres of kudzu surrounding their house where they sleep with the windows up at night, or don't change the filter, that no matter how much oxygen or steroids they receive, they won't get better until the goats eat the kudzu before infestation of fungus gets bad.

There are a lot more connections regarding kudzu.