Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Think about it. When someone has the flu, how badly does that person want to get better? Does it make a difference in the nasea, the fever, the diarhea with how badly someone wants to get better?

When someone has pickled their liver and their brain, how great is their judgement? I don't want a drunk person baby sitting someone I love or driving anyone whether I know the passenger or not.

So when I tell someone that kudzu can help get a handle on the cravings, and make a difference in the success, I am not surprised when someone tells me they have a relative who is living with them and using kudzu and doing well. This happened at the farmers' market in Dallas, Georgia last week. I am used to people coming and talking to me about being diabetic, or having cancer, and I tell them to use kudzu but try the free stuff first. This was the first time I heard an alcohol recovery success. And even if it lasts for a short time, it was a short time they would not have had with sanity.

Bill W., who started AA said that we have to raise the bottom. What I think he means by that is not wait until people are breathing their last to offer a helping hand, whether that hand be with some good old kudzu juice (see recipe below) or store bought stuff.

On a lighter note, I made kudzu blossom jelly yesterday, and I used white flour for tortillas. Being broke, I decided to try the white unbleached flour since it is 1/3 to 1/4 the price of buckwheat. So what did I do last night? Gas beyond belief. I woke myself up four times last night! I also became very bloated during the day. It just is not worth it to eat white flour when gluten intolerant. My throat hurts and I have drainage, too. I am a firm believer I would gain all 110 pounds back if I continued with white flour.

What amazes me is that UAB is just catching up to China. Harvard is just catching up to China. And they are only catching up with China on two or three little puny studies so that they can make money with pharmaceuticals! They aren't doing this and telling people to use the free stuff! Think about what is available to make a difference and don't always try to make as much money as possible. The money will flow once people get healing.

www.phmiracleliving.com can be used to help health, but using their books and program can be prohibitive. To consult with the doctor is $225.00 for 15 minutes! He doesn't address kudzu, either, yet!

The jelly turned out much better than last year! I drank lots of kudzu juice and had some of the kudzu jelly on the tortillas. It didn't make a dent in the gas, though. It was a fun experiment, but not one I need to do every day! Tomorrow there will be no gas, because the fibers from kudzu will clean out my digestive tract. For recipes either check out the web or look at other posts on my blog. I use kudzu fiber in salmon, buckwheat wraps, and salads. The juice comes from my blender, the fiber from the strainings. I have pictures for the recipe.