Monday, October 29, 2007

Persimmon Jam Recipe, to complement kudzu bread

Learning what we can eat and what we cannot eat is part of learning about kudzu?

After reading Wildman Steve Brill, I looked at the ingredients I had, and figured out a different way to make a spread. I won't call them jams.

With sugar:
I cleaned some almost ripe persimmons. I used them instead of ripe persimmons because of the sugar content. I boiled them for a couple of hours in water to keep the sugars down. Then I strained the juice added sugar and dry tea from half a tea bag from Stash peppermint tea, pumpkin spice and five cups of sugar and simmered the juice that had been strained for a while--and I did add fresh lemon juice. Ripe persimmons don't pull away from the seed like almost ripe persimmons. The best way to seed a persimmon is in the mouth, but since we live in a germ aware world, I did it with clean fingers. I didn't have coriander, so I used what I had. I will upload what this Diabetic inducing spread looks like. Believe me, I won't lose weight on it. I have now purchased coriander, so I need to find more kudzu. If you want seeds that are raw, please email me and I will give you info for the seeds.

Without sugar:
The pulp was in one bowl and I picked out the seeds. I processed the pulp with 1/2 a peppermint from a bag, stevia and pumpkin pie spice since I didn't have coriander. I added water and lemon and I am freezing most of it. I really like it on salty things, and the stevia and salt don't fight each other to me. Whatever is alkaline and keeps me healthy! The bread above
has kudzu bread, salmon and persimmon spread.

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