Thursday, May 03, 2007

Resources for Kudzu DTN is all about agriculture and commerce.

Jim Miller works with Auburn and the US Forrest Service, do a Google for contact info.

Create a Google Alert for Kudzu. You will get literary kudzu, but also a variety of science. for a non poisonous, actually many methods for getting rid of kudzu! They experiment, so it is really useful for 4 H, and science!

William Shurtleff wrote a book about kudzu available on Amazon 30 years ago. The universities are beginning to publish studies on things like alcohol consumption Asian medicine has used for thousands of year with Kudzu. Great book, great references and resources.

Edith Edwards, Juanita Baldwin, Nancy Basket all use kudzu in the kitchen and have published articles and recipes.

The Foundation Center is great for looking for grants for research of kudzu. There are Foundation Libraries, and satelite libraries, and a membership if you are really serious for online research.

Google Scholar, Francis and Taylor publications (more than 800) and Scienteur are all sources of research--but not all free.

Things like or can help get some things free--and who knows if it will help the experiementers out there?

I have a song that is copyrighted. I am not a 501(3)c yet, but I will have a 501 (3)c soon. Maybe I am too far out there for people to make donations. 

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