Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kudzu Bread with persimmon and salmon

The salmon is pink and the persimmon is orange. It isn't quite ripe, but it isn't bad. I like tart things. The kudzu may not give that much additional nutrition, but I don't know about cooked kudzu. The only studies are for roots, except as fodder for farm animals, that I have seen. Has anyone seen any nutritional studies for greens for humans? If someone is hungry, it is surprising what they will try and it is surprising what they will eat. Don't ever make coffee jello, and don't ever eat pumpkin raw--unless it is dehydrated maybe.
Buckwheat is great for insulin resistance. The only place I order it now is:

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Tiff :o) said...

Does the bread itself contain salmon, kudzu and persimmon? I have been researching Kudzu lately since it is pleantiful here and am interested in how you made the bread. Please share.

Tiff :o)